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LPDDR, also known as LPDRAM, stands for "low-power double-data rate memory" and is most commonly used in mobile devices. 美光的LPDDR内存解决方案支持快速, 高带宽数据速率,不影响电源效率. 了解美光的LPDDR系列沙巴体育结算平台, including LPDDR5X, LPDDR5和LPDDR4用于智能手机, laptop, automotive, 数据中心和消费者应用程序.


Micron’s complete LPDDR memory portfolio has you covered for any application you can imagine. Micron has the expertise and customer support to bring your applications to life. 与我们的支持网络联系,讨论您的LPDDR需求.

LPDDR applications

The benefits of low-power double data-rate memory has been realized by many market segments, 使得它的应用范围远远超出了智能手机.


LPDDR products generally operate at a lower voltage than standard DRAM products and are beneficial to any power conscious application. This is why they are sometimes known as LPDRAM, which stands for "low-power DRAM" memory. Each generation of LPDDR products — for example LPDDR4 vs LPDDR5 — comes with additional features like improved bandwidth or power stand-by options.

  • LPDDR3 vs DDR3 - LPDDR3比DDR3有更高的延迟, its lower power usage makes it suitable for a range of ultra-portable devices.
  • LPDDR4X vs DDR4 - DDR4 RAM工作在1.2V, compared to 1.1V.for LPDDR4. 与DDR4相比,LPPDR4X已经扩展了这种较低的功耗要求, 哪一种能在低至0的电压水平下工作.6V.
  • LPDDR5 vs DDR5 — a device using LPDDR memory will be more power-efficient, 这意味着电池续航时间更长. 然而,DDR5更快的数据传输速度是有代价的.

Sometimes. The system processor has to be able to recognize and communicate with a LPDRAM product. Depending on the type of processor, some will recognize both DRAM or LPDDR protocol. 还有各种各样的形式, 适合度和功能差异可能会妨碍互换性.

Any application that is power conscious can benefit from the low power features of LPDDR products. 如果设备使用电池,它可以受益于LPDDR.

DRAM frequency refers to the percentage of data transferred per second — increasing frequency increases the amount of data that can be transferred at any given time. Frequency can be adjusted by changing the power voltage going into the memory chip, 超频的基础是什么.

LPCAMM2是一种用于笔记本电脑的新型模块化存储器. 支持比SODIMM更高的带宽, with speed capabilities up to 9600Mbps while remaining a 128-bit low-power solution1. LPCAMM2消耗的有功功率减少61%2 并可减少80%的系统待机功率3 占用更小的空间4 than DDR5 SODIMM.

LPCAMM2采用美光的LPDDR5X作为其存储技术, meaning users can take full advantage of LPDDR mobile memory’s speed and energy efficiency but in a modular form factor.

LPCAMM2 (sometimes referred to as simply LPCAMM) is the industry’s first standardized modular memory form factor that leverages LPDDR memory technology. LPCAMM2 modularity enables a simpler supply chain and provides OEMs with one standard printed circuit board (PCB) and increased flexibility for memory configurations in the manufacturing process.

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1 LPDDR5X data rates up to 9600Mbps compared to 6400Mbps for DDR5 SODIMM.

2 Up to 61% (57-61%) lower active power per 64-bit bus at the same DDR5 speed compared to SODIMM.

3 与SODIMM相比,系统待机省电高达80%.

4 与双堆叠SODIMM相比,可节省高达64%的空间.

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